The HCTx2 is a multi frequency transmitter that can be
directly connected, clamped, or induced to a target line and comes with advanced features and a digital display with backlight. Standard frequencies are CD mode ( which is used to determine the direction of the applied current on a target line), 24 Volt Mode, LF (Low Frequency 512Hz) 8k, 33k, FF (Fault Find), and FF- Boost. A 65kHz mode is optional.

  • AVO key displays applied current, voltage, and line resistance
  • Audio Live Cable Warning alerts user to live voltage over 55V
  • Backlit digital display viewable after dark
  • Multi-frequency /Multi- use
  • Can be used in direct, clamp and induction applications.


The PXL-2 locator comes with both Passive and Active modes. The Passive modes (Power and Radio) give preliminary search capabilities without the use of a transmitter while the Active modes (when using an applied transmitter signal) provide target line identification.

  • Fast depth measurement
  • Current Measurement (CM) confirms line continuity and branches.